Nail Services

Welcome to a world where every nail tells a story, and each design is a brushstroke of creativity. Explore our nail haven, where artistry meets elegance. Your journey to fabulous nails begins here.

*Please notify staff if you are planning to add nail designs or extra length to your nail service. This may require more time for your nail appointment.

Basic Manicure


Include trimming and shaping, cuticle grooming, buffing, lotion massage, and a buff & shine or strengthening top coat.

Gel Manicure


A basic manicure with the added benefit of gel polish. Long lasting color with no drying time.

Premium Manicure


Includes the Basic Manicure with an exfoliation scrub, hot towels, an extended arm massage and your choice of any gel polish or a buff & shine.

Builder Gel Full Set


This creates a structured look on your natural nail with added strength. Best for someone who wants to grow out their natural nail while maintaining the durability of an artificial nail.

Builder Gel Fill


Paraffin Dip


Indulge in soft skin with a paraffin dip. This warm wax treatment incorporates oils to hydrate your skin, leaving it soft and fragrant. We offer seasonal scents to match your preference.

Extended hand & Arm Massage


Extra length (adding tips)


Nail Designs

$3-5 per design





Acrylic Removal


Nail Fix

$4 each nail

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