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Welcome to Canvas!

Where creativity, innovation and passion come together to create an absolute unique total wellness experience! Canvas Salon and Day Spa is exclusively designed to fulfill your expectations, offering our guests an exceptional atmosphere and a comfortable setting where they can experience a full line of salon, skincare services and boutique, that are backed by our total commitment to quality and outstanding customer service.

Reducing our footprint

We're proud to of our many partnerships that allow us the opportunity to reduce our carbon footprint.

  • Every product you purchase with Eminence Organic Skincare they will plant a tree.
  • With Green Circle Salon we recycle everything we can; from color, foils and hair to papers, plastics and broken tools.
  • Ecoheads at our shampoo bowls:
    Benefits 🌱
    •Reduces water & energy by up to 65%
    •Doubles water pressure
    •Removes sediment,rust and sand

Join us in the movement!