Lead Stylist

Samantha graduated from Bellevue East High School in 2007, and started a career in healthcare because of her passion to help others feel better. While aspects of that career were fulfilling, she still was craving to combine her artistic creativity with her love of helping others to feel great about themselves. She made the decision to follow her dreams of working in the beauty industry and graduated from Xenon Academy Omaha School of Cosmetology in 2016.

Samantha’s passion is hair color and helping you achieve the healthy hair you’ve been longing for. Classy, elegant, bold or vibrant and everything in between!

Samantha is very driven and has the insatiable desire for knowledge of the latest trends, new techniques and specialized cutting/coloring skills. She is dedicated to continuing her education with hands on classes, webinars, and various other outlets to provide you with the best services tailored to your specific needs.

Whether it’s maintenance of the hair you already love, or creating a whole new look, Samantha will work with you on every step of your hair journey. She wants you to love your hair.

Samantha is enthusiastic about her love for the industry, but she is also passionate about her family. She is the mom to two wonderful boys, and wishes to show her children that it is possible to do anything you set your mind to, and you can follow your dreams, no matter the circumstances.

“Love what you do; do what you love.” – Samantha Beach